KIKEON Tightening Spray 60ml


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KIKEON Feminine Tightening Spray

What is KikeOn?

🌸 Kike On Tightening Spray 🌸

KikeOn is a tightening spray for female intended to tighten, refresh, increase libido and lighten the female intimate area. Recommended using daily to maintain the required ph of the vaginal flora. 😍 This Fem Spray is very gentle to the sensitive skin doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients and comes with a mild scent to keep you fresh all day long.
Kikeon Feminine Spray is safe to use during menstruation, it removes the odor-causing bacteria from your intimate parts.

🌸 Tightens
🌸 Firm & Lightens
🌸 May Increase libido
🌸 Refresh & Deodorized
🌸 Antibacterial
🌸 Cleanses & hydrates intimate area
🌸 Help prevent odor
🌸 Maintain optimal PH-balance

Just spray & Have fun 🤗

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