RyxSkin Sincerity UA Rescue Underarm Cream 30g

RyxSkin Sincerity

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Rescue your underarm from chicken skin and darkening with our UA Rescue Cream.

This underarm deserves much love as we do in other parts of our body so we made a perfect solution for all your “dark secrets.”

This gel cream product is easily absorbed by the skin unlike most types of commercial products that stays on the surface and causes clogged pores. While it nourishes the skin underneath, it’s anti-perspiration protect your underarm from foul odor.

Use twice a day for best result! 💯♥️ #RyxSkincerity #UARescueCream


So what is this Ryx Skincerity "UA RESCUE CREAM"?

🌸 works as an anti-antiperspirant/deo cream
🌸 brightens and smoothens your underarms
🌸 has antibacterial and anti-chicken skin properties
🌸 with antioxidants that help prevent breast cancer
🌸 stimulate collagen production
🌸 slows underarm hair growth
🌸 Reduce Flaking And Restoring suppleness of the Under Arm skin
🌸 And Last with Natural Anti aging under Arm skincare Treatment/ Rejuvinating the looks of your UnderArm Skin

✅ Pwede sa Preggy or lactating moms.
✅Pwede kahit sa Bata since may natural ingridients ito.
✅ Pwede sa mga Kalalakihan.

That's how we give you a product that not only shows real results and superb effects but also we make sure it's safe and has a quality that's beyond standards.

Loud and proud Manufactured in Japan 🇯🇵
💯 Japan Health Ministry
💯 GMP!
💯 Japan and PH Approved

#RyxSkincerity #SlaytheDay #TrusttheProcess

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