Brilliant Underarm Whitening Deo Spray

Brilliant Skin Essentials

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Brilliant Underarm Deo Spray

- Whitening Deodorant Helps make underarms lighter in 7 days and gives up to 48 hours of fragrance-free protection. Formulated to safely whiten the underarms.

It absorbs quickly and protects you against sweat and odor.

✔ Whitening
✔ Hair Retardant
✔ Anti-Chicken Skin
✔ Anti-Perspirant Brilliant Underarm Deo Spray Helps eliminate armpit odour by creating a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. It also helps lessen hair growth, lessen sweat and avoid keratosis pilaris or also known as "Chicken Skin".👌🏻 INFUSED WITH:

✔ Mulberry extract
✔ Chamonilla Extract
✔ Hamamelis extract ✔ Alpha Arbutin

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