SCHADES Galactomyces Purifying Essence


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SCHADES Galactomyces Purifying Essence: packed with antioxidants and advanced whitening peptide. ❤️

Get rid of acne marks and dark spots safely with Schades Galactomyces Purifying Essence! 🍃

It does not sting. It's even calming and soothing! A perfect definition of "skin care". 🥀

Schades Galactomyces Purifying Essence is 💓

It is your ultimate skin food! It brightens the skin while giving a calm feeling after application. MASARAP SA FEELING! 💯 Nakaka-kalma ng exhausted skin! Kaya pag-gising sa umaga, super fresh and smooth lang ng skin! 💗

Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate. Advanced Whitening Peptide. Niacinamide. Vitamin C. Green tea.
Rose Distillate. Artichoke. 🍃

A tiny bottle that won't disappoint. Every single ingredient listed above is in this powerful essence. Are you just gonna let it go? This could be the best skincare you could ever have. 

Our formula was reviewed by a US-based chemist, and do you know what he said? Schades formulations are "luxurious", they did not scrimp on ingredients (way beyond efficacy level per ingredient). And he was amazed at how it was priced fairly. True value for money. 💯 Considering the fact that two of our ingredients are compounded in Korea and Japan.

Stay safe and pretty, Schadies!

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