Yasuy Beauty Set - Rejuvenating Set ( New Packaging)

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Yasuy Stunning White Beauty Set!
Be stunningly beautiful in just 7 days! ❤️❤️❤️

💗Glass Skin Effect
💗Pinkish Glow
💗Healthy Glow
💗Dark Circles Lightened
💗Pores Minimized
💗Brightens Face
🌸 Facial use
🌸 Good for sensitive face
🌸 Reduce and remove dark spot
🌸 Reduce and remove acne

Yasuy Beauty Set:
1️⃣ Beauty Soap
2️⃣ Toner
3️⃣ Day Cream
4️⃣ Night Cream

Yasuy Set makes you glow and beautiful in just 7days you will see and have the results.
Has micropeels in 2 weeks though
Pero bet na bet na 😉

Ang sarap sa mukha ng Sunblock gel cream ang bilis nyang ipahid kahit may peeling na nagaganap sa face mo! Amoy baby pa kaya lalong nakaka-fresh 😌

💡Yasuy Set Tips :

Use ice/ice cubes in the morning after cleansing the face with the orange soap in circular motions, before toning the face.

You can do this anytime to soothe the skin if naghahapdi ang face. Plus, it helps in blood circulation and to minimize the pores.  

- Do a skin test before using the product
- Do not apply in wounded skin, avoid areas near the eyes ad mouth
- Do not use along with other exfoliating products
- Avoid exposure to sunlight during treatment
- If redness, itchiness and swelling occur Discontinue.

Applying the product without proper medical consultation constitutes using it at their own risk. The seller of the product is not liable for negative or damaging result that may be obtained by proper or improper use of the product in any person.


This product is not intended for pregnant woman and children below 18 years old.

Yasuy beauty white set intentionally made for those who have major skin problems (e.g melasma, acne and the like)-causing bacteria. Will also help to whiten dark spots and remove dead skin cells and achieve your goal to a fresh young looking individual.

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