Part 2: Discoloured Rejuvenating Cream & Toner?

โพสต์โดย Iryn Andy-Fai เมื่อ

To all our Rejuvenating Set user (any brand)

Please read well
This is the most frequently we receive to complain about changing the color of Rejuv Cream & Toner.

Discoloration occurred because of the papain extract present on the products.
The high temperature in the storage area is another factor. It also results in the yellow or brown color of our cream..

Rest assured that the effectivity of the products is not affected on this event.

But indeed there are clients who prefer use the brown rejuv cream because it's more effective. Also when the rejuvenated cream lasts, it's like wine that takes longer, the more deferment that's why it becomes more effective.

Kaya No worries po. Its safe 😊

Tip: you can put your rejuvenation cream or toner in the fridge if you want to keep its color light.

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