Juicy Tushie All-in-1 Brightening Serum

Juju Glow

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Juicy Tushie All-in-1 Brightening Serum
✨Juicy Tushie Brightening Serum 60ml

Been searching for a product that will help you whiten your dark secrets?

We have the best budol for you!

Juicy Tushie Brightening Serum help to lighten;

⭐️Knees and Elbows
🌟Bikini Area
🌟And many more!!

Our serum also effectively treats

⚡️dark spots,
⚡️acne scars,
⚡️hyperpigmentation, and
⚡️skin discoloration due to friction in the intimate areas.

Yes! it's an all-in-1 product that you need to try on!! For best results, try it with our JUICY TUSHIE BUTT MASK SCRUB applicable for whole body.

How to use?
1. Take a bath and use Juicy Tushie Butt Scrub.
2. Apply a small amount on your skin.
3. Rub it in a circular motion for about 30secs. Don't rinse!

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