Skin Magical Lip & Cheek Cream Tint

Skin Magical

ราคาปกติ $6.00

Lip & Cheek Blot w/ Collagen Spf 60

Available in RED and PINK shades 😊

Magical Cream Tint for the ultimate naturally pretty and long wearing blush of color that doesn't dry out lips or cheeks.

🦋 Inspired w/ collagen & conditioning materials to make the lips & cheeks look balmy, delicate, faint, gentle, milder, smoother and softer.
🦋 Has the most vibrant and fun pigments.
🦋 Packed with anti-aging, anti-oxidants including vitamins A,C,E Acai, Lycopene extract and Green tea extract to protect the skin all day long

This Magical Creamy tint can easily blend with your fingers. Can be used for BLUSH and LIPSTICK to brighten up your apperance and create a natural pinch look on the skin.

How to create a natural pinch blush?

🦋Apply the creamy tints low on the cheek, almost like where a little child would blush.,you can also pop the colour on the apples of your cheeks and simple smudge it out with your fingertips.🦋

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