Gluta Lipo 13 in 1 Coffee for Slimming & Whitening

Gluta Lipo

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Gluta Lipo 12 in 1 Coffee
-10 Sachets
- Halal & FDA Approved

Morning Routine with GlutaLipo 12-in-1 Detox Coffee. Whitening & Slimming.
Increase body metabolism which leads to weight loss. Control Appetite. Improves immune system. Boost energy. Anti-aging and improve Skin Elasticity.
Contains NO Added Sugar, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors or Preservatives
12- in-1 Slimming & Whitening Juice
All Natural Ingredients
Non Laxative

  • GlutaLipo is Proudly Philippine Made with Some ALL NATURAL SAFE and EFFECTIVE Local and Imported ingredients
  • GlutaLipo is a very delicious drink that can provide you with a natural and convenient way to remove body toxins and give you a glowing white skin through the powerful combination of garcinia cambogia, L-carnitine, glutathione and collagen
  • Gluta Lipo contains Garcinia Cambogia combined with L-Carnitine for effective and efficient way of fat burning.  Plus Glutathione and Collagen for a healthy glowing white firm skin!
  • Gluta Lipo also contains natural ingredients such as Green Tea, Barley Grass, Grape See Extract, Mangosteen and Goji Berry for a healthier body.
    • It cleanses your colon and intestine
    • Helps to maintain good health and ideal weight for your age
    • It can save you from CANCER
    • Delays aging and diminishes wrinkles visibility
    • Whitens your skin

    GLUTA LIPO 12-in-1 DETOX COFFEE Benefits:

    • Glutathione - Anti Cancer with whitening and Glowing effect.
    • L Carnitine - Increases body metabolism which leads to weight loss.
    • Green Tea - Detoxifies and Cleanses Body Toxins.
    • Collagen - Anti Aging and improves Skin Elasticity.
    • Garcinia - Controls appetite which leads to weight loss.
    • Grape Seed Extract - Decreases bad cholesterol and controls diabetes.
    • Mangosteen - Effective in reducing weight, Anti-cancer and Reducing high blood pressure.
    • Goji Berry - Improves feeling of wellbeing and calmness, better athletic performance and quality of sleep and weight loss.
    • Barley Grass - Improves immune system and prevents cancer.
    • Tonkat Ali - Know to fight unwanted weight gain and boosts energy.
    • Buah Merah - Detoxifies toxins and fights cancer cells.
    • Turmeric - Reduces risk to cancer and heart disease

    GlutaLipo results may vary from person to person depending on various factors
    But some reported Whitening and Glowing and Slimming improvements after 2 to 3 weeks of daily intake.

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    FDA Registered No: FR-4000003427363

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