Mamala 9MED Intensive Whitening Deo-Cream 12g

Mamala Thailand

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Raise your arms with confidence!!! 😍

Mamala Virgin Deo just keeps getting better!

 each jar contains 10 grams

 one jar can last 1 month when applied twice a day (you only need a little for every application)

 effect varies on the underarm’s condition, the client’s suitability with the product,and consistency of use

 white cream, semi-thick consistency

 contains more than 10 active whitening ingredients at maximum SAFE DOSAGEthat’s why it’s very effective

 contains natural extracts; NOT certified organic

 alcohol-free; mild scent

 can be used by both men and women

 can be used by children as young as 11 years old or who have started using commercial deodorants

 can be used for other dark areas of the body like knees, elbows, bikini line, BUT NOT FOR THE FACE (Virgin Deo contains anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties which make it unsuitable to apply on the face)


No. 1 underarm whitening Deo in Thailand


Stay 24hr odor free (say goodbye to body odor) 🌻

Achieve forever white armpits

🌻 Removes chicken skin, stretch marks, elbows and knees Safe for Pregnant and Lactating moms Simply because we deserve nothing but the best whitening deo and best product for our online business

✨ What's with the new face of Mamala VD?

♥ Aside from it's new container/packaging which is so sleek, handy, and hygienic, more whitening dosage is added to achieve that whiter and flawless underarms!

🙋 Achieve the ultimate kili-kili goals with the number one and most effective underarm whitening cream from Thailand!

✔️ Lighter underarms in 7-14 days

✔️ Reduce chicken skin for Smoother underarms

✔️ Protects underarms from body odor (12 hrs)

✔️ Non greasy

✔️Gentle to all skin types

✔️Suitable for people aged over 11, pregnant women, & breastfeeding mothers

✔️ 100% satisfaction in 1-3 jars application

❌ No HQ

No Bleaching Agents

❌ No Mercury

❌ No Steroid

❌ No alcohol


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