LUXE ORGANIX was launched in 2014, just as Korean beauty products began making waves across the Philippines. Those who coveted glass and dewy skin discovered the first Luxe Organix product, the aloe vera soothing gel, which offered natural moisturizing relief from the sun's damaging rays. Because of its Korean-made quality, plant-based ingredients, multipurpose use and pocket-friendly price, it quickly became beauty junkie’s favorite drugstore find.
We developed more effective products over the few years, expanding it to a full skin and hair care brand in 2017 that Filipinos love.
FRESH AND INNOVATIVE, Luxe Organix makes use of the latest skincare ingredients such as AHA BHA, Niacinamide and Galactomyces in new and original beauty product formulations. We continuously seek to uphold and improve the quality of the products and adapt to the changing needs of the customers.
HIGH QUALITY & FUSS FREE. Packaging designs draw attention and encourage use. The clean and fuss free look of Luxe Organix products speak of the brand’s premium quality and simple yet modern nature.

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