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Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we created an ultra moisturizing conditioning bar that's packed with extra virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter and generous amounts of lavender essential oil that's sure to leave even the most damaged hair softer, shinier and easier to manage.

Keep color-treated hair bright and classy without the guilt! Our conditioning bars are plastic-free, biodegradable and 10x more moisturizing than what you have right now (promise!)

HOW TO USE: Apply the bar to the tips of your hair after shampooing and work up excess product with fingers. Rinse away from face.

***to prolong shelf-life, store in fridge up to a year when not in use.


INGREDIENTS: Theobroma Cacaco, Behentrimonium Chloride (derived from brassica rapa seeds), Cetyl Alcohol, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Violet Dye, Lavender Essential Oil

ORIGINAL FORMULA vs NEW FORMULA - Our old formula contains oils which tend to leak in transit during warm weather (we suggest delivery for this via grab or LBC.), our new formula is more stable therefore making it the better choice for travel. We suggest purchasing our original formula for home use and our new formula for travel. 

But don't worry, if you prefer the original formula, just pop in the ref for a couple of hours to restabilize in case your bar gets  a bit melted. This won't affect the quality or integrity of your conditioner bar. Oils also stop leaking once you begin using it.

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