Brew by Hairpot


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Brew by Hairpot  Aims to strengthen, lengthen, thicken and darken eyelashes and eyebrows.     100% natural ingredients & homemade  Safe for 13 years old and above  Safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding mummies  Wudhu Friendly (can be washed off easily as it is oil based)  Compact  Can last up to 3 months (3.3ml)  Results can be seen within a week or two (varies for individual)     Usage of Brew:  Take a photo of your eyelash/ eyebrows before using the brew  Use it daily before bed  Curl your eyelashes before   using brew to avoid the oil from getting into the eyes (Note: Although it's perfectly okay if the oil were to get into the eyes, it may be uncomfortable for the eyes.)  Results can be seen within 1-2 weeks if you use them consistently! *result varies for individuals  Not recommended to use on eyelash extensions as you might not see the difference as compared to when you put it on your natural lashes     Ingredients used in Brew:   Rosemary    Coconut Oil   Candlenut Oil   Castor Oil 

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