Skinfit x Brilliant Soothing Gel

Brilliant Skin Essentials

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♥️ Skin Fit ♥️

Ever Bilena x Brilliant Skin Essentials

💕Ice Jeju Aloe + Green Tea
💕95% Aloe Vera + Snail
💕95% Aloe Vera + Vit. C

Dito na tayo sa TRUSTED na!

Skinfit Soothing Gel : By BrilliantXeverbilena

ICE JEJU ALOE + GREEN TEA CONTAINS ALOE FROM JEJU ALOE SOOTHING GEL Paraben & Alcohol Free For Acne Prone Skin Cooling Oil Control 

The Skin Fit Jeju Aloe + Green Tea moisturizes the skin with ingredients extracted from natural Jeju plants that protects skin against acne causing bacteria, helps control sebum production and improves skin texture from clear and fresh skin. _________________________

SkinFit 95% ALOE VERA + VIT. C Paraben & Alcohol Free Hydrating Nourishing Antioxidant I WANT BRIGHT SKIN The Skin Fit Aloe Vera + Vitamin C moisturizes the skin with brightening agent that even out skin tone, prevents premature aging and accelerates collagen production that improves skin elasticity for plump and firm skin. _________________________

SkinFit 95% ALOE VERA + SNAIL Paraben & Alcohol Free Moisturizing Firming Brightening I WANT SOFT SKIN The Skin Aloe Vera + Snail moisturizes the skin with snail mucin that restores hydration, softens dry akin, repairs damage tissues and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines for smooth and glowing skin.

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