Fairy Skin Glowing Maintenance Set

Fairy Skin

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(maintenance set)

The continoues use of rejuvinating set is not advisable for our face. After 2 sets of FAIRY SKIN DERMA FACIAL SETS (as you achieved the glass and smooth skin on your face and you already satisfied by it) you are ready now to use FAIRYSKIN GLOWING FACIAL SET to maintain the result of FAIRY SKIN DERMA SET.

Fairy Skin Derma Facial Set inclusion:

• Derma Soap

• Derma Facial Toner

• Brightening Cream

• Sunblock Cream

✅No more peeling
✅No itchy and redness on the face
✅maintain the glass skin and whitens your face.
✅For maintaining younger looking skin Note:

💖 Fairy Skin Derma Set(Pink) is for treatment
💙Fairy Skin Glowing Set(Blue) is for maintenance. 

For maintaining Younger looking skin.
No peeling effect na po.. 😊

📌Bleaching soap
📌Glowing facial toner 60 ml
📌Whitening cream
📌Sunblock cream

🌺 Fairy Skin Derma and Glowing White set
"Experience flawless, pinkish and glowing skin!"

⛔ Gives you smooth, glowing skin

⛔ Reduces wrinkles

⛔ Anti - acne

⛔ Reduces Melasma (pekas)

⛔ Lightens scars

⛔ Removes blackheads & whiteheads

⛔ Whitens your complexion 

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