SCHADES Galactomyces Hydra Bright Line


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Experience miracle with Schades.

Schades Hydra-Bright Line corrects skin problems thru deep cleansing (cloud wash), gentle renewal of skin (brightening toner), and intense hydration (purifying essence). 🍃

Schades Hydra Bright Line consist of:
1x Galactomyces Cloud Cleanser 150ml
1x Galactomyces Brightening Toner 100ml
1x Galactomyces Purifying Essence 30ml

Created for ALL SKIN TYPES,
the Hydra-Bright Line proves that mild products with the right ingredients can truly deliver.

▫️IT WORKS. It delivers RESULTS. ✨
▫️It is reasonably priced. Not too expensive. Affordable, but never cheap. Then, you know there are plenty of good, good stuff in our formulations for your skin. Value for money. 👌🏻
▫️It has honest ingredients list. 🍃
▫️It does not hurt. ❤️
▫️Looks pretty. 🥀
▫️Calming. It literally feels like there's a spa party going on on your face. 💯

Schades uses advanced technology ingredients for the brightening and purifying aspects to help:
-Improve skin texture and skin renewal
-Get rid of those pesky pimple marks
-Reduce sebum production
-Relieve redness
-Lighten Melasma
-Improve skin hydration
Switch to better ways of caring for your skin.
Go for High Quality products na hindi nakakabutas ng bulsa ☺️👌🏻

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