SkinGOAL Intense Rejuvenating Kit

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SkinGOAL Rejuvenating Kit ❤️

Peels away layers of dead & dull skin!
It can also make acne scars shallower 😍

✔️ Helps anti-aging
✔️ Achieve brighter, glowing skin!

Guide to your skin goals!

Step 1  

💖 Use Goal cleasning bar soap to wash away impurities trapped in your pores leaving your skin clean, refreshed and glowing after every use.

Step 2  

💖 Apply 3 drops on a cotton then gently pat to your face and neck. For the first week use exfoliating toner once a day every night only, for the succeeding weeks use exfoliating toner am/ pm .

Step 3

💖 Use goal daily sun protect in the morning 30 minutes before sun exposure. Apply to your face and neck in gentle circular motion. Re apply as needed. Night nourishing cream pampers your skin while you sleep.Use a pea sized amount and apply in a circular motion on your face and neck. .

Not all rejuvenating set are created equal! 😍 Treatment for pimples, dark spots, acne, melasma, hyperpigmentation, black and white heads. 💯

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