Wowo Wouwou Pure Ginger Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 300ml

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WOUWOU Pure Ginger Hair Shampoo 
(Highly concentrated with natural ingredient extract content)
100% Pure Ginger Shampoo is made out of 40% Pure Ginger (Feng Jiang) Extract


- Detox (Less perspiration after detox stage)
- Improves Scalp Blood Circulations
- Anti-Dandruff (Proven)
- Prevents Hair Loss & Hair Breakage
- Stimulates Hair Follicles Cells to Promote Hair Growth
- Provides Oil Control to Inhibit Bacterial Growth

Halal certified
HSA Notified
SGS tested

Suitable for all & it helps to:
- Cleanse Hair & Scalp
- Promote Hair Growth & Strengthen Hair Root
- It has Anti-bacteria effect
- It helps in Dandruff issue
- Oil control Shampoo
- Effective for oily hair scalp

*Mild & Suitable for everyone including pregnant ladies, babies, elderly
*Best for Pre-Natal & Post Natal (3 Bottles treatment can regain healthy black hair)

4 Main Ingredient

➡️ Pure Ginger
➡️ Wheat grain protein
➡️ Avocado oil
➡️ Jojoba oil

NO Silicone Oil
NO Paraben Oil 0% Additive
NO Artificial Coloring
NO Animal-Base Ingredients no Scented

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